Blandford Forum

Bowman Trials Team

This is just a holding page, I've never even heard of this unit until tonight.  Please someone send me the details

Capability Directorate Information

I can tell you nothing about this, other than that Brian Eshelby served here, and Blandford Forum is a unique Georgian town.  If you can tell me anything more about this unit - where it came from and what sappers would do here (or did in the past) then please feel free to fill me in and I'll put it up on the site.  REgards,  Gordon

Digitization Training Development Team

This page has no info on it, because I have no info to put here.  Help me build this site to be something useful by sending me more info please.  You're a sapper, you can improvise, adapt or overcome, so get in touch and let me have something more interesting to put here to develop this page a bit.  REgards, Gordon