TA - 221Sqn and 579 Sqn EOD

The Regiment is a hybrid Regiment consisting of both TA and Regular Squadrons working side by side. Regimental Headquarters and the Regular Squadrons are based at Carver Barracks, Wimbish, Essex with the TA Squadrons based in London and across the South East.

The Regiment consists of 5 Squadrons:

  • 22 HQ & Support Squadron (EOD)
  • 17 Field Squadron (EOD)
  • 21 Field Squadron (EOD)
  • 221 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) based at Catford / Rochester
  • 579 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) based at Tunbridge Wells / Reigate / Brighton

TA - 583 Sqn (V)

If you know anything about this squadron, please let me know so I can put it on this page.  I've only just found out it existed today (13 April 2012) so I literally cannot tell you any more than the name of the squadron.  If you've got any history, stories, ideas of how many people were in the squadron, funnies or any other memories then please let me know so I can put them up here to remind other people.

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TA - 78 Engineer Regiment


78 (Fortress) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

Formed in April 1993 to provide a new support regiment for 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division.

Formation day parade held at Gibraltar Barracks, Minley(370 sappers out of 450 paraded) attended by the Chief Royal Engineer General Sir John Stibben, Major General John Barr, Brigadier Gael Ramsey and Brigadier Nigel Lacey.

Regiments CO was Lt.Col Neil Sutherland, RSM Keith Angus.


560 (Hampshire) HQ Squadron based at Blighmont TA Centre, Millbrook Road, Southampton. 
127 (Sussex Yeomanry) Field Squadron based at TA Centre, Dyke Road, Brighton. 
227 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Amphibious Engineer Squadron based at Seely House TA Centre, Shoe Lane, Aldershot with detachments at Southampton, formed in 1992. CO Major Mike Law.


Regiment was disbanded on 1st July 1999 at result of the Strategic Defence Review, (Options For Change).


Hope the above information is of some use to you.


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