Anywhere in Brunei

There aren't that many people who served in Brunei, so it seemed to make sense to put this as a single unit so everyone who served in Brunei can register it as part of their service history.

HQ Brunei Garrison supported a battalion of Ghurkha Rifles (in my time 6th Ghurkha Rifles followed by 1st/2nd Queen Elizabeth Ghurkha Rifles) plus a full complement of support units and the Jungle Warfare Training School (part of SAS selection plus Infantry jungle training for Army and Marines).  John Cox


Military Works Service

I have no idea what went on at this unit, how big it was, how many people served here or how long it was/ is based here.  If you can give me any information, please send it to me using the contacts link above.   REgards, Gordon


Project Liaison Office

I'm adding this unit at the request of Alan Richardson - but I know nothing about it so if you can email me anything about it so I can put it here, I'd appreciate it.  REgards, Gordon