17 Port Training Regt

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175 Inland Water Transport Regt

175 IWT Regiment AER. (IWT=Inland Water Transport). (AER= Army Emergency Reserve the forerunner to the present TA.)

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Royal Engineers Diving Establishment

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TA - 78 Engineer Regiment


78 (Fortress) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

Formed in April 1993 to provide a new support regiment for 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division.

Formation day parade held at Gibraltar Barracks, Minley(370 sappers out of 450 paraded) attended by the Chief Royal Engineer General Sir John Stibben, Major General John Barr, Brigadier Gael Ramsey and Brigadier Nigel Lacey.

Regiments CO was Lt.Col Neil Sutherland, RSM Keith Angus.


560 (Hampshire) HQ Squadron based at Blighmont TA Centre, Millbrook Road, Southampton. 
127 (Sussex Yeomanry) Field Squadron based at TA Centre, Dyke Road, Brighton. 
227 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Amphibious Engineer Squadron based at Seely House TA Centre, Shoe Lane, Aldershot with detachments at Southampton, formed in 1992. CO Major Mike Law.


Regiment was disbanded on 1st July 1999 at result of the Strategic Defence Review, (Options For Change).


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