Tunbridge Wells

TA - 101 Engr Regt (EOD) (V)

101 (London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (Volunteers)

Formed 1 June 1988 to control 4 existing EOD squadrons in London and south-east England. Regimental Headquarters at Catford, London.

HQ Squadron at Catford, London. 
579 EOD Squadron at Dartford; 
583 EOD Squadron at Holloway; 
590 EOD Squadron at Rochester; 
591 EOD Squadron at Chatham.

1 March 1993: Regiment re-organised and squadrons renumbered: 
220 (Searchlight) Field Squadron (EOD) at Acton. Formed by transfer 873 Movement Light Squadron 73 Engineer Regiment (V)
221 Field Squadron (EOD) at Rochester; 
222 Field Squadron (EOD) at Holloway with Troop at Brighton.

1996: HQ Squadron renumbered at 223 HQ Squadron.

1 July 1999: Regiment reorganised. 
223 HQ Squadron at Catford, London; 
217 Field Squadron (EOD) at Islington, London; 
221 Field Squadron (EOD) at Rochester; 
579 Field Squadron (EOD) at Tunbridge Wells with 2 (Surrey Yeomanry) Field Troop at Reigate. 

TA - 221Sqn and 579 Sqn EOD

The Regiment is a hybrid Regiment consisting of both TA and Regular Squadrons working side by side. Regimental Headquarters and the Regular Squadrons are based at Carver Barracks, Wimbish, Essex with the TA Squadrons based in London and across the South East.

The Regiment consists of 5 Squadrons:

  • 22 HQ & Support Squadron (EOD)
  • 17 Field Squadron (EOD)
  • 21 Field Squadron (EOD)
  • 221 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) based at Catford / Rochester
  • 579 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) based at Tunbridge Wells / Reigate / Brighton