The winkel from my window

Tony Sweet



Oh God when was this taken?
I seem to recall in my distant memory of having the same view

Tony Sweet

I took this foto 1972, Roberts barracks, (Winkelhausen Kaserne), was named after a high ranking officer from WW1 called Von Winkelhausen and not after the pub, like many thought. It's now a student house, Pop's chip shop is a hairdressers,(which it was before him), and the Oxo is a shop.

Jim Howe

Tom Kelly and I spent many a happy lunchtime in there. 4/5 pints of osnabruker and
Back over the fence Regards Jim Howe


Ah a bit before my time, I was there from 80 - 84
Never knew about the officer story but do remember having a few bevies in there whilst I was there
Pops chip shop.....Was that the one to the right of this photo? about 100m?
Don't remember Oxo's though, I can only think it was a shop when I was there
Cheers for that though mate
brings back some good memories
Loved his bratwurst und pommes frites mit mayo (!) after a night out

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Bob 817

Hi! Tony, that was the view from my window too (in 2 troop we were in the same room for a while). I seem to recall that you were always running out of fags, so much so that I was gonna list you as a dependant on my tax Many a time I remember getting poured out of the Winkle at the end of an evening. Not only was the beer mighty fine, but there was an added attraction, the barmaid named Gabi, and she was even finer. Being that it was just across the road from the squadron I remember that rather than walk to the main gate some of us (quite a few in fact) used to go over the fence even though the powers that be had smeared the top of it with a thick coating of axle grease. Hmmmmm. didn't they realise that we sappers have Anyway good to know you're still to the fore Tony, drop me a line if you want to, it'd be great to hear from you

Tony Sweet

Bob 817, you wrote that you'd like to hear from me, I sent 2 mails, no answer, I gave your address to Andy Armitage, he got a reply, "You're mixing me up with some one else", so now try to answer this!!!!!


Good place to visit after the Squadron bar, before hitting the town. Pop's always visited on the way back, if it wasn't to late

Tony Sweet

Pop's is now a hair dressers, which it was before his chippy, the Winkel is now a student house and the Oxo is a shop, so now you can get your hanky out.


Remember it so well we used to jump the fence, so they greased the top of the fence


My first posting to Osnabruck my room was 1st floor looking straight at the Winkle my first day there 1981 I was taken to the winkle by the troop and I had a fair few too many problem was I was supposed to be barman in Sgt mess that night all I remember was throwing up all over the RSM's leg and the almighty bollicking on the Monday morning Great times lol


Yep many a good time there 1978/80 when Heike ran the place with Heidi the very tastey barmaid was in 3 troop 12 sqn kellys heroes aka.. Scouse Preston

best bunch of lads ever


Hi Scouse, sent you an email , did you receive it, Graham Bryson.