255/256 MCPG Second Home at Willich near Dusseldorf




My father Lt Col RD Ferguson had two tours with the MCPG first as a captain joining them in 1946 soon after the second world war ended and as the Unit was formed staff by RE Sapper officers and a few NCOs plus ex German Officers as formen and German civilian labourers. The role of the unit in the aftermath of WW2 was on major reconstruction work and in building and refurbishing army barracks, ranges and facilities across the BAOR. In 1974, now as a Lt Col , my father was posted from OC at 63 Field Park Sqdn in Sharjah, to 255/256 at the OC of the entire group (meeting some old German friends from 30 years previously when he was just a Captain including Herr Benneke and his wife Trudi? By then 255/256 was largely focussed on maintaining all British Army ranges and support for other NATO forces. This was my father's penultimate appointment then after 2 years being posted to Tidworth back to his first location after the Army Apprentices College in 1931 as a ordinary Sapper when he joined 54 Field Coy. His last role was as SO 1 (Plans ) at HQ 3 Division on the staff of .Chief Engineer NATO RRC.