33 Squadron

33 Field until 1959, then independent until 1967, then 33 Field until 1974, then 33 independent until 1992, then 33 field until 2007. Total 26 years independent, 31 years as Field. For reasons like this, I have avoided ALL names such as Amph, Cdo, Indep, Hugh, Pugh and Barney McGrue

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From Clive Pledger - 

Hi Gordon.   33Fld squadron was my first posting after training.It was part of 37Eng Regt comprising 33sqn,10 sqn and 66 plant sqn and 325 engineer park. 33 had the honour of building long kesh internment camp in 1971 before I joined them also building the Bedrock Hilton sqn bar reckoned by many the best sqn bar ever..33 sqn went  back to NI in 1972 for op motorman and did 6 weeks at Ballykelly then 6 weeks in the maze(long kesh.)  33 sqn joined 37 eng reg in 1967 from Cyprus.  10 sqn moved to BOAR in 1973 as harrier support. and 33 became 33 ind fld sqn.They moved to NI permently in oct 1973 and I was posted to 66 plant sqn to run their signals.section.  Hope this helps.


Regards clive.


I lost my Dad in January aged 83yrs
I am interested to find out more about his TA days
He was at Bluebell Lane Huyton TA in the 50's

Will make some enquiries for you Joyce - are you on Facebook?

Would like to hear from anybody the was there at the start,working from Firewood park inBelfast.

Yeah and after that good old Antrim long hours but real work. I enjoyed much of the time over there. Those who were part of the Sqn will remember SSM Bobby Lampard, OC`s Maj Benham Croswell (BC) followed by Eric Barker. Great Sqn great guys.

Girdwoodpark belfast

I was with 10 Sqdn first and transferred into 33. The 10 Sqdn guys made up 3 Troop. We were still part of 37 Engr.Rgt. when we went to Castle Dilton in 73. Early 74 we went to Antrim Bridge Camp as it was then as 33 Ind.Fld.Sqdn. with the Black Shamrock as the Sqdn logo. I was part of the advance party that went out early 74 to set the camp up. We were living in a big Nissan Hut at the bottom of the camp to start with which got really cramped when the whole Squadron moved in in late summer that year. It was a great posting. We served as general Engineer support for a fairly large area of N.I. Girwood Park was a regular stop in those days - Flax Street Mill as well. I'm new to the site so don't know if it's OK to post photos. If it's allowed I still have a load of pictures of the Castle Dilton/ Antrim postings which I can add.

Matt - get your photos on here.
Info for you - https://www.facebook.com/groups/8597632671/

Walter McLaren, 33 Squadron Royal Engineers Veteran. Based at Ripon. Served in Mukeiras ADEN during 1963-1964. May have been known as Mac or Walt. It would be good to hear off any of the lads from that time.

Jan 1962 I walk through the gates of RHINE CAMP it was to be my first posting after training.It was like walking into a prison camp.I have a few photos on my facebook page.Have been unable to get in touch with any one,so far. It was then known as 33 Ind Field Sqn

Aye. Rhine Camp was also my first 'overseas' posting. What a dump. 16 March '62 and my intro to 'DTL's ! Two names come to mind there, apart from those I arrived with are driver Archie Lowe, and OC'S driver Jock Smart (I think).
Twynham huts if you where lucky. Who remembers 'YANA' coming out to see us ?
A night out was either building pyramids of empty KEO cans in the NAAFI or a taxi to Dhekalia. Then of course it could be the 'bar' at the end of the road. Not recomended. I was told the camp was an ex prison camp for EOKA but
never really knew. 33 Sqdn then moved to Slim Bks. A much better place.
But then, I was a callow youth of only 19 then !

After my time out there,i was posted to 1ESD stores depot.55 years later I have been awarder GSM 1962-CYPRUS 1963-64.So if anyone d,ont know this,go to DBS-Medals and get more info GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

Castledillon from Oct 73 to early March 74. Benham-Crosswell was the OC. The SAS were in huts in the grounds. 33 Advance party went to Antrim late May 74 and the main party during late June. Best posting ever. I left for sunny Hohne in October 75

does any one remember the 4 TA lads who where sent to help build this place .I remember it was like a bomb site they used us like slaves.. building the pyramids.we were there about 2 months and I remember going up to the engineer park to pick up stores .palace barracks .girdwood.i remember the royal marines you to train on the loch near there.i served with 129 fld sqn from 1974 until disbanded in 1991.i then joined 4th ta battalion PWO and finished in 1998 as wo11.so if any one remembers us lads give us a wave we were a bit put to one side as being ta but I think we earned a grudging respect...24189871 Charlie McCaffer.

I joined 33 about june 1969. I was an engineer surveyor. We went to Anguilla in august '69 to take over from the first half of the squadron who had gone earlier in the year with the paras. We went there to build a new jetty in Road Bay which we completed before schedule. Back to the UK in march '70 then to NI in september that year. We were in Ballykelly. The RAF and Navy were there too. Great place! I was in the AMFL troop then, going to Greece on exercise. Back to NI then at Longkesh. We were posted then to Hong Kong where we built a road etc in the New Territories, coming back to the UK in about march or april. I left the mob in july of that year (72). Name coming to mind are Sandy Cox, Matt Blowers, Mick Rowley, Jacky Muir, Paddy Ferris, Johnny Harmes, Mick Pascoe, Tiny Hammond, John Melmouth,

I joined 33 in February of 72. Major BC was OC (Not a fan I must say). Brian Freeman 2ic. My troopy was John Field. Brilliant bloke. "Tom" Sawyer was SSM followed by Bobby Lampard. Both Top Top guys. Did Motorman, Dillon and then moved out to Antrim in '74. Eventually left in May '76. Without doubt the best days of my life. Although like most of us, I didn't realise that at the time.

I joined in June 67. Went to Libya as an electrician at the refuelling depot at Af Tahimi . Then to Anquilla in 69, building the jetty, and looking after the camp electrics. Then onto NI (Ballykelly) Back at Longmoor for a few months then NI again and the building of Longkesh. Like to hear from anyone in 33.