Come on you Know the Dogs Bo****ks

Kosovo here we come



Do appologise to all my Brothers(mates) still in this messed up no money no good kit not well payed circus..I will always resoect and think of you especially to my Brothers i trained with and have so much respect..I have been through Hell myself upon leaving.Ended up joining HMPrison service (13years) now left due to embarrasing PTSD due to life sh** and boll****s..and Prisoners especially the ones i tried my best to save but unfortunately couldnt revive,dont know why but feels better getting it out..

Walter 33Sqn

The name above is my brother. RE served in Aden. He hasn't internet so I'm a go-between. Hope you don't mind me chipping in. First Heroes suffer from PTSD so give any embarrassment the boot. Scars come in a variety of versions. You feel you are now fighting a private war no doubt in a very lonely place. Not been in the forces myself but I get where you are coming from. People understand it more than you might think so don't make it a guilty secret. You are brilliant but having PTDS is definite Sh-t. Jesus is my only answer I can give you. He was put through a lot of garbage so he understands. Again you do not realise how wonderful you are but that doesn't mean you are not. Best wishes to you!