Beef Island 1968

Hello I was one of the lucky ones to be sent over to the Beef Island in the British Virgin Islands in 1968.
We left Waterbeach in March & sailed from Southampton on the "Sir Galahad" and spent 9 months there extending the runway.

I would love to hear from anyone who was there when I was.
I am still in touch with Derrick (Tess)Tester, but that is all



I happened to see this reference to Beef Island when I was looking up BVI on Google. I was commissioned as a Sapper but transferred to RAPC. I was the Paymaster on Exercise Treasure Island from start to finish.

I have run across one or two 'veterans' over the years. I see that there is to be a second major redevelopment on top of the original Tarras runways that we laid.

My late Father Peter (Harold) Gruncell was stationed there with the REME detachment servicing the Sappers vehicles & plant. I've still got some local stamp first day covers that commemorate the RE building the runway.

I was also on beef island in 1969 As an electrician RE but spent most of my time walking with a Bomag roller on the airstrip Great time !, especially times in roadtown.

Dave coates

hello tess rember chaff

Dave, I too walked with a Bomag until I made it to the workshop.
Nice to hear that beef island is still remembered.
Bob Solly

I too was one of the lucky ones, posted to paradise to build an airstrip, remember you Tony and Tess, along with most of the others in MT Troop. Remember when the Brathwaite tank collapsed??

Hi guys, can anyone remember Stan Flude? I'm his son and would love to hear from anyone that knew him before that day in July. Cheers folks.