Dhofar 1974

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Sid 2015
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Dhofar 1974

Anyone here who was with 2 troop, 48 Field Sqn in Dhofar, Oman, in 1974?

Are you the Sid who was born

Are you the Sid who was born in India? If so, me and my dad (Richard/Dick Smith) have just been having a conversation about you! He just told me that he's seen a photo on the internet that you posted with him in it (take in Dhofar in 1974) I was trying to find the photo when I came across this post.

Sid Pass
Sid not from India

Well with a name like Ananda some guys may have thought I was from India, but no, sorry but I am not the Sid from India. I was born in Edinburgh.

Photographs of BATT

I am an ex member of BATT who served in Dhofar from 1971 to 1975. I am trying to get any photographs of BATT who served there. Do you have any contacts that you could put me in touch with so I can ask them. The last location that I was at was Simba on the Y
emen border and for a short while we had a small detachment of RE installing a well
If you can help it would be appreciated

Sid Pass
The Dhofar Insurgency (photos from 1974)

Hi, I have set up two groups on Facebook called 'The Dhofar Insurgency' (1&2). Number 2 is a 'group' and is more active. This group is for anyone who served in Dhofar - Oman. I was there with 2 troop 48 Field Sqn Royal Engineers in 1974, and have posted 180 plus photos on both groups. It would be great if we could get more photos posted on there. Bill de Bass has also set up an extra page of his own for the Royal Engineers in Dhofar - Oman

OMAN 1974

Hello Sid, remember me Spud Murphy. I have been in touch with aussie Dennis who said you are living in Germany. It has been a long time since then, hope you are well and enjoying life. I am here living in Bognor Regis for my sins having retired from Sussex Police in Nov 2015 after 18 years. I now work on and off for the NHS as a bank worker so go in as and when they need me.
I am on this forum as engr9266 so drop me a email when you can.
All the best Sid,
Spud (Jerry Murphy)

'The Dhofar Insurgency' (1&2).

Sid, I am not on Facebook so is there another way I could see the photo's from Dhofar. Maybe you can email them to me? I have some photo's and one with you in a group on RAF Salalah.

Sid 2015
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Dhofar 1974 'Dropbox' link

Hi Spud, Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Here is a link for my 180 photos from our tour in Dhofar in 1974. I am having the slides re-scanned again to get better results, so this link will be changed once I get my slides back. Enjoy all the photos and the memories. Take care, Sid


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