50 Squadron

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Bob Young sent me this - "Hello Gordon,A bit more info for you,50 Sqn were in Osnabruck for a number of years-I can't help with the actual dates but I went to them in 1960 and they had been there for some time then,I left in 1963 and I believe that they left Osnabruck not long after that.Incidently,28 Amphibious Regt.started life as 1 troop 50 Sqn.during the time I was there.Regards Bob"



I was based in kenya in 1971 and i am trying to remember the name of the camp we built and a bridge we painted and deck . i was in 50 field squadron.
many thanks
james J

Lanet old raf base

Sorry that was 81

I served in 26 from October 1960 to 1963 tanks at first were Churchills then changed to Centurian tanks. The squadron was an Assault Squadron in war we would be "First in Last Out" the tanks were Flails, Bridgelayers, Arks and AVRE. In a war the tanks would clear minefields to allow the progress of our troops and blow bridges if in retreat so the enemy could not follow also make it difficult to progress with any vehicle.

Troop SSgt Dutch Holland, Troop Sgt Pete Vant, Troop Cpls Sam Sarfass and Ian Boyd, Troop Officer Lt Guy (splitpin) and for buck house 2lt Zimmerman (Big Carl) sorry scouse Morton but myself and graham (smudge) smith were first, its been along time since tick tock time.

Hi, I served with 50 Squadron from Dec 66 through to April 72. this included tours in Aden,(1 Troop, attached to 10 Sqdn), Gibraltar, Kenya (Lake Baringo) and Canada (Chilliwack British Columbia).
Also did Royal Duties at Clarence House.
Feel free to get in touch.

Looking for members from the Squadron around 84 - 88, just trying to get back in touch with friends


Click the link, it should bring up a list of names and you. An click on any you recognise to send them an email