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First Name Surname Nick name Squadron Citysort descending Start year End year Local REA
stephen jones Belize 1989 1989
Phil Tomlins Tommo Various Satellite Units Belize 1969 1969 Medway Branch
Neil Course Morph Various Satellite Units Belize 1984 1984 Colchester and District Branch
Jon Washington George Various Satellite Units Belize 1991 1992 Manchester Branch
Barry Wayman Various Satellite Units Belize 1989 1989 test
heath marsland mars Belize 1993 1994 Bradford Branch
Dean Westbury Deano Various Satellite Units Belize 2006 2006 Bradford Branch
Gary Johnson Johno Various Satellite Units Belize 1990 1991 Middle East(Gulf)
Chris Dearne Benny Belize 1976 1976
stuart mcneill MAC Various Satellite Units Belize 1993 1994 test
Gary Taylor Gaz Belize 1984 1984 Bradford Branch
Andy Morley Andy MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1989 1989 Portsmouth Branch
Kenneth McCormick Mack Belize 1997 1998 Postal and Courier Services Branch
Jim Bissett MES (Wks) Belize Belize 2003 2005 Middle East(Gulf)
Jim Bissett DCRE Belize 1991 1995 Middle East(Gulf)
Max Travers MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1996 1997
Andy Neillings MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1999 1999
Andy Moses Remi MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1992 1993
Chris Allen woody Various Satellite Units Belize 1988 1989
jim gibb Various Satellite Units Belize 1980 1981
David Hall Various Satellite Units Belize 1976 1977 Medway Branch
Tony Howell Basher, Worzel MES (Wks) Belize Belize 2003 2005
Chris WELCH Various Satellite Units Belize 1974 1975
James McIntosh MAC Various Satellite Units Belize 1982 1982
Roy Hickman Various Satellite Units Belize 1979 1980
Neil Hamilton H MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1996 1996 Chepstow Branch
Chris Thompson George/Grolsch DCRE Belize 1992 1992 Nottingham Branch
Brian Turnbull Various Satellite Units Belize 1977 1977 test
Carl Holman Mo MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1983 1983 Nottingham Branch
Paul Preston Various Satellite Units Belize 1986 1987 Wakefield Branch
William Kerr Bill MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1987 1990 Norwich Branch
Alan Armstrong Belize 1978 1978 Reading & West Berks Branch
fred wagner Various Satellite Units Belize 1962 1963 St Helens Branch
Terry Budd Spud MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1992 1993
Mark Chapman Chappers Various Satellite Units Belize 1972 1972 West London Branch
Philip Pearson Phil Various Satellite Units Belize 1981 1982 Medway Branch
Philip Pearson Phil Various Satellite Units Belize 1981 1982 Medway Branch
Steve Greaves Jimmy MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1996 1996 Cambridge Branch
Philip Jerome Jerry Belize 1971 1972 Plant Branch
Glen Hill Hilltop / Colin Belize 2009 2009 test
Dave Brown Dave MES (Wks) Belize Belize 1990 1991 Peterborough Branch
Kenneth Wood Woody Belize 1979 1980 Thanet Branch
frank boal jock Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1963 1964 Glasgow Branch
Ian James Jim Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1988 1990 Nottingham Branch
Hugh Cave Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1963 1963
George Burroughs Geordie Brunei 1982 1985 AUS Royal Australian Engineers Assoc
Allen ARTIS Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1978 1978 Blackpool Branch
Graham Hayes Half-pint Project Liaison Office Brunei 1995 1997 test
Roger Jones Prof Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1962 1963 Survey (Geographic) Branch
Hugh Cave Military Works Service Brunei 1963 1964
Ron Watson Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1963 1964 Junior Leaders Branch
michael hardaway Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1987 1989 Long Marston Branch
Fred Farmer Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1983 1985 Commando
David Sparks Dave Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1984 1988 Andover and Winchester Branch
John Cox John C, JC Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1983 1985 Minley Branch
Fred Boyle Fred Brunei 1979 1981 test
Martin Mogford Moggy Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1995 1997 Gibraltar Branch
Timothy Denman Tim Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 1992 1994 Eastbourne Branch
Tony Ellis Paddy Brunei 1965 1966 test
Dan Cooper Coops Anywhere in Brunei Brunei 2013 2015 test