1966 62 party 27 SQN

jack kybird


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jack kybird

I Started a group for all Royal Engineers who served with 1,3 and 9 Training Regiment at Southwood camp, Cove, Farnborough. https://www.facebook.com/groups/942857262404728/

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Jerry Jerome

I’m the ugly one top right, with the stylish pancake beret. I went from No 1 training regt to 25 Engr regt HQ at Roberts Barracks in Osnabrooke, posred across the square to 39 Fld Sqdn but because l was too young to go to Aden l was posted next door 2 Div 37 Fld Sqdn in between plant mech courses at Chatham l did a B2 craft opp course at Wouldham Bridge camp and spent 2 years as a Tug-opp at Hameln.
In 1970 l joined 11 Fld Sqdn for 2 tours of NI, HongKong and finally Belize all as a Plant Mech, please email me if you want to go over old memories. Regards Phil.