Final Parade- 28.Sqn - 46 Party 1TRRE Feb 1966




Rear rank.?-?-?-?-('Lofty Barnes)-?-John Aubrey-?-?
3rd rank.?-?-?-?-?-Gaunt-?-?-Sid Hoyle-Tony Jeacock-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-Bulivant.
2nd rank.?-Ron Jeffries-?-Geoff Hostad-?-?-Geordie Lynch-Paddy Hull-?-Taff(?)-?-Terry Jones-?-?-?-?-?-Jock(boxer)-?-?-?
Front rank.?-?-Andy Steel(ex Sigs)-?-?-L/Cpl(?)-Cpl Phillips-Cpl?(Irish)-Sgt McDonald-Cpl Gallagher-Cpl?(awaiting Sandhurst)-Cpl?-
Cpl?-Ken Makin-?-?-?-?
You are welcome to right click photo to your computer for a better look. REgards Jaa

Terry jones

Second rank 12 th from left (as you look at the photo )is Terry Jones


Many thanks for info hope I have it corrected on page. Jaa.

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jack kybird

I Started a group for all Royal Engineers who served with 1,3 and 9 Training Regiment at Southwood camp, Cove, Farnborough.