REA BD Branch for ex ans serving 33 and 101 EOD

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REA BD Branch for ex ans serving 33 and 101 EOD

Recruiting to the REA BD Branch.

We have had some constructive comments in relation to why people do not join the Branch. A central theme is that people do not understand what we are. So I will explain.

The Royal Engineers Association, which the majority of you paid into through the days pay scheme. Has many Branches, some local others like ourselves National Branches. So you are all members you just need to activate it be you serving or ex. All you need to do is fill a Branch Application form and sit back and wait for your membership card and badge to arrive.

The BD Branch has many functions and are always looking to new ways to move forward in listening to what Branch members want and if non members would let us know why they will not join try and address their concerns, but if we do not know the problems we cannot change.

What the Branch does at present is, be a focal point to keep people in touch with each other and try to keep you informed on what is going on in the BD/EOD/Search world.

Also our aim is to support both 33 and 101 Engineer Regiments (EOD). We do this by fund raising for their Regimental Charities. Which is used in many ways to support those serving and their families, last year we were able to donate over £4000. We have a close relationship with the Regiments and will be going along to Recruit directly from those serving. We are also developing a bit of a road show to hopefully help those due to leave the service in the transition to civvy street. What is intended is that Branch members from varying professions will go along and advise as to ways to get jobs within those professions and the pitfalls that might be encountered. Also if we can answer any questions that people have on housing, claims or anything else, if we do not know the answer we will know somebody that does and get back to you. Pie in the sky I hear, no if we set our mind to it we will achieve. We also are putting together a list of local contacts around the country who will be contacts if people need help.

What does the Branch do as a group, at present listed below but as we grow we can do more with your support and advice.

We have 4 meetings a year to do what we need to keep the Branch running. However we keep these as in formal as possible.

In January we hold it in Catford TA Centre, April AGM this moves around the country Brighton in 2011, Leeds 2012, just outside Birmingham in 2013. This year we had a nice two course meal after the AGM and many stayed over night RSM 101 also joined us for the day, good time catching up and meeting new mates with 19 people staying over for the night. Julys meeting is linked into a camping weekend and the disbandment parade of 49 this year. Some years we camp at Wimbish the year before at a great site in Totness. Octobers meeting will be in the House of Commons, hopefully with a tour around something to eat and a few beers in one of the bars.

We try to set up a few events through the year our main one being the Annual Lunch in October which is always well attended. With a auction and a raffle.

We include wives and families into our events.

In November we have a contingent at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday over 60 attendees for the last two years.

We want to do more but to do that we need membership and views on how to improve. One thing in the pipe line is setting up sub Branches in each county so locally you can get together.

The Committee are all volunteers and receive nothing for themselves as we believe in the REA motto SERVICE NOT SELF. Message me a e mail or postal address for an application or to ask questions about us. Our main web site is at
Peter Markham Branch Secretary