aus royal australian engineers assoc REA

Whether you are a serving member or retired WE NEED YOU!  The association has a great fellowship and some could be your mates that you haven't seen for a number of years.  Each state in Australia has a branch that you can join and are in contact with each other so that you can find missing mates.

The annual membership fee is minimal and will create no burden on your pocket.  Why not make an enquiry today to find where your nearest branch is and where you can catch up with those missing mates of yours.

Every month the association has a newsletter mail-out, the Purple Circle offers fantastic reading. Catch up on all the latest military gossip, see what's happening in and around your area, read about the latest engineering equipment used in today's forces and plenty more.


The Association currently have approximately 400 members, the numbers changing periodically as new recruits join and sadly when members pass on.  We have members from Engineers of Ireland, Britain, Burma, New Zealand, USA and of course Australia. Some of our members are working in PNG, Eritrea, Iraq, Cambodia, Lebanon, Laos and other countries . Most overseas members are involved in demining or EOD.