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23 October 2020

This is an annual Re- Union for all Ex Boys Soldiers - the predecessors of the Junior Leaders.

This is the 6th Year that the Re-Unions have been taking place and, this year it is being held at a Hotel in Cambridge from 23rd to 25th October.

Anybody who reads this who was one of the Boys Soldiers is very welcome to attend.

31 October 2020

a group of us will be meeting in the Union Jack Hotel Waterloo London for the weekend. Contact us on the Facebook group or through here if you started as part of our JL group. All welcome even those who only made it for a week!!

7 November 2020

On the night of 7th November 2020 John Dufton, Neil Hawkins and Bill Bomber Brown are booked into the UJC and will be attending the Festival on the Saturday before the Parade on the Sunday. We just want to inform others of this event and hope that some might wish to join us for a catch-up. The rooms, for that night, are going fast so if anyone is interested, they would need to act soonest.

7 May 2021

A reunion of members of 51 Airfields sun. That served between 1965/1975. This includes family members of Sappers that served between them years.

The reunion is held in The Holiday Inn Coventry. Junction 2 M6.

1 October 2021

Date: 1st -3rd October 2021
Venue: The Cannon PH Brompton
The aim of the reunion is to bring together the boys of ALL 1971 INTAKES of A,B and C Sqn's, 50 years after they first stepped into the JLRRE at Old Park Barracks. Lets face it, we arn't going to make another 50 years, so lets make the most of this one.