Old Reunions

16 May 2014

Reunion 11 Indep Fd Sqn Malaya Holiday Inn Coventry from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th May
Cost as last year. contact Richard Clark or Hank Lawrence if Attending, Guests may be
welcome if all rooms are not taken by sqn members

9 May 2014

Holiday Inn junction 2 M6 Hinckly Road Coventry. This will be our 6th Reunion and all ex 410 veterans are welcome. 'I know there are more still out there'

9 May 2014

Holiday Inn, Coventry

3 May 2014

Informal get together at the Army V Navy match next year.
Take the time to email me for further details or visit the 52 Facebook page.

3 May 2014

At premier inn central east,Carlisle
Saturday 3rd may 2014 and 4th may 2014.

Contact me Vic Good on 07754111864 for further info

26 April 2014

60 Sqn Maidstone Veterans will be holding their 13th Annual REunion over the weekend 25.27th April 2014 in Chepstow. This will culminate with a dinner and Dance on Saturday night. For more info please contact Roy Bloor sixtysqn@hotmail.com

25 April 2014

60 Field Squadron Maidstone Veterans will be holding their 13th Annual REunion over the weekend 25/26th April 2014 culminating in a Dinner and Dance on the Saturday night. The location is Chepstow. For more information just get in touch

17 April 2014

Operation Wye Not will be held on the 17th - 19th April 2015 at the Old Court Hotel, Symonds Yat. For more details & for booking form email ggoldingay@yahoo.co.uk

4 April 2014

7 Field Sqaudron RE Association (Shiny 7) Did you serve in "Shiny 7" Next REunion, The Palace Hotel, Buxton Derbyshire, 4-6 April 2014. Just had our 2013 REunion, attended by 87.Log onto 7 Field Sqaudron RE website and go to Sqn notice board for info.Need to hear from those who served 1980's onward. Look forward to hearing from you

4 April 2014

7 Field Sqauadron RE, have just held their 6th REunion, 87 in total attended. The next REunionis to be held in Buxton on the above dates. We are looking for more members of 7 Field Squadron, past and present. Look at the website www.frewebs.com/shiney7 and log onto the Sqn Notice Board and see if you can find old or new friends

3 March 2014

Every three years we hold the REunion, in the King Charles Hotel just past Brompton Bks and opposite the Sports Stadium.

Come along and bring your wife/girlfriend.

Contact Skin Carr (2tp, 3tp, HQ Tp and Sp tp) (1984-1988)


REgards Skin

1 March 2014

Hi Lads

The 24 Fd Sqn RE Reunion will be held on 01st March 2014, in the King Charles Hotel (Gillingham). It will start around 19:30 hrs.

Please contact:

Scott (Skin) Carr
Hackmead Farm
Charlton Road

Mobile: 07803 519912

9 November 2013

Originally for those members who served on Op Corporate but open to any past squadron member. Held in Ripon and generally lasts the whole weekend,

8 November 2013

seaside shuffleIV country & Western theme rememberance weekend
old comrades club Blackpool mainly for ex 33 sappers but all sappers welcome

8 November 2013

As with previous years, gather on the weekend for a few beers and banter on the Fri - Sat and then attend the Remembrance Service on the Sunday. All welcome including wifes / girl friends / partners.


2 November 2013

19:30 hrs
Franklin Club
Franklin Street
South Shelds

1 November 2013

Dawson Troop, 82 Sqn, 1983 - 1984 JLRRE

30 year anniversary to be held in 2013

Hi guys, I am still compiling contact details for all those interested.

31 October 2013

Dawson Troop JL's 1983-84

Check out the details on our Facebook page