Dawson Troop JLRRE 83 - 84

1 November 2013

Dawson Troop, 82 Sqn, 1983 - 1984 JLRRE

30 year anniversary to be held in 2013

Hi guys, I am still compiling contact details for all those interested.

Please check out the FaceBook page for Dawson Troop for details as they evolve. Provisionally we are looking at Dover, London or Brompton for the reunion. A weekend is planned but if you can only make it for the evening reunion then we would be pleased to see you.

Pete (Mac) McDougall


The ball is in motion; the facebook page is up and running; the hotel has been booked and the weekend is shaping up to be memorable. If you are ex Dawson Troop or know anyone who was please point them to Facebook.

Hello Mac. If I can help I will! Nice to see someone still breathing from Dawson!

ROSS troop were better!!! we had the J/RSM CAPPLEMAN,whose brother was A/RSM at chepstow.You had J/SSM Pearson so good consilation prize

Hi I was in Dawson Troop in 1975 - 1977, ssgt Sindal, sgt Peak, cpl Chapman and Cpt Eddie were our staff, and lt col Blashford schnell was our CO. has there been a reunion for this troop?

I think I spent longer in Dawson troop lines than chard which I was in 83/84.