Sappers in Hong Kong 1955-1958

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Virginia J
Sappers in Hong Kong 1955-1958

This may be the wrong place to post this - sorry if so.

I've registered myself (Virginia Jealous) pp my father, Lt Col John Jealous RE. He was in HK 1955-1958, with my mother Mary and older sister Lydia. Long long time ago.

I'll unexpectedly be working in HK New Territories in late October/early Nov and would like to track some family history at the same time.

My mother, now in her late 80s, has just sent a great letter of her memories of 60+ years ago.

There are gaps in her story and these are my immediate questions:

***was the RE base in 1955 at Shek Kong?

*** was it the base still called '50 Field Engineer Regiment RE'?

***if so, what was the name of the village closest to the RE base? (My mother says this was 'a short drive' and that it was a fishing village on the coast)

***she also says that 'the boundary fence was a half-hour from us'. Might help with location?

*** 'Lantow Island was across the water from where we were'. (This might help or might be false memory from when they lived in Kowloon.)

Any help would be great. Many thanks. Virginia

lt. Col john jealous

There were 2 campsites that area. 1 was 56fld squadron 2 was 54fld squadron. The campsites were in Tialam and were within walking distance of each other.The fishing village was called CASTLE PEAK about a 1/2 mile from the campsites. The island was called Lantau (now Hong Kong airport)The village that your parents lived in would be SEK KONG,this was a bit further away from the campsites. I know this is too late for your visit. Hopefully you can glean something from it? I spent best part of 2 years at both campsites,

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