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Southwood from the air..Circa 1976
76/11 V ??...we lost.
Me (Ken McCulloch) and Danny Hargreaves on ex. 76/11 Party
76/11 Pass off Parade
56 Fld Sqn RE camp NAAFI Tailam Hong Kong 1956
56 Fld Sqn RE Squadron photo taken in Tailam camp swimming pool, New Territories Hong Kong 1956
Outside Squadron Office Tailam camp 1956
Empire Fowey Southamton to Hong Kong 1955
56 Fld Sqn RE Tailam Hong Kong 1956
56 Field Squadron RE Hong Kong 1956
10 Gulf Sqn. Sharjah. Taff on right with A.N.Other. Names are getting vague!
10 Gulf Sqn. Sharjah. Outside billet. Taff standing with 3 others infront. Corporal Ted Bodie was our room N.C.O
End of Kenyan road build.Visit from Vice President.Sergeant Bartlett introducing Taff. O.C following behind.
On safari in Kenya, Mick Molloy chasing crocs!
Up country on a Grader. Taff, Corporal Kearney & A.N.Other. Kenya road build.