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Condor Troop- Belco Bridge Dem,NI 1975
UK Ski Championships 1995 30 Km Patrol Race-winning team
got to keep the planties happy
Guard of Honour at Rochester Castle, Maundy Thursday/Easter 1961, made up from allsorts mix 12 SME Chatham [Photo was in 'Soldier' at the time] - 21 year old PB extreme right!
Falklands 1982
Front gates of Masserene Bks 2010, scene of the cowardly murder of two young Sappers by republican shitebags
The 12th July field on the Randalstown Road
Sect. Comd. Cse.
Golf 7 Zero
Border Closure 3
Border Closure 2
Border Closure 1
22B canada 1974
chris porter/John Bowerbank canada 1974
battle sims. Nirnberg