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Old friends meet again reunion 2010 11 Independent
Track marshal & Scraper Kedah road 1957
Pool nearly finished Taiping 1958
Building swimming pool for Kiwi's 1 troop
Guard room at Butterworth.
Kedah road it was built through virgin jungle 1957
Naka camp 1957
This the first bridge on the kedah road 1957
Building abutment for first bridge on Kedah road at Naka bridge was still being used in 2007.
1 Section 1 Troop Fort Tapong,
Vic Vickers at Fort Tapong 1959
Nobby Clarke Fort Tapong 1959
My Basha fort Tapong how we lived for four weeks in Jungle, Nobby Clarke
1 Troop Admin parade 1958 Capt Stuart Symonds Troop Commander.