Mick Ramsay

I was with 74 in Sungi Besi Jan 60 to Jun 60 and my task was to train Gurkha Sappers to drive which was good fun, 30 MPH out in the 'country' and 45 in KL!!!
The sqn was involved in trialing the FN rifle and also the use of Tactical Recognition marking on our bush hats, squares, circles squares and diamonds. I think the object was to help prevent blue on blue situations which had occured previously. 74s Park was about 2 miles from main camp just 808 wire fence and various buildings for workshops MT and plant and of course a Char Walla. Punishment for upsetting the MT Ssgt Jock Anderson was to be put on Gurkha rations, live goats and chickens in your truck sh-- everywhere. The routine week was 3 Park guards, 4 men, 1 standby, 30 men and liberty in KL on a Thursday night, if not on duty. The liberty truck had to be out of 'town' by midnight. The Mil police patrols were Redcap, Snowdrops and Bluecap(Malay), never saw a fight in KL I wonder why?
The main camp was RHQ 50 Regt 67, 68, 69 and 70 Cadre and 74 Sqns.
Inside the wire were all the Gurkha families, Gurkha school and medical station. The British families, not many, lived in Petaling Jaya quite a few miles away. If on duty PADS pick up it meant up at 0400 wash shave, walk 2 miles to the park in the pitch black, pick up truck drive to PJ and wake up the Sqn Chief Clerk then drive around the patch knocking everyone up return to CCs house have cup of tea then pick up the PADS who had to be waiting on the road else the Chief was not happy!! I then moved to 410 Plant troop now thats another story!!



Used to go to Batu Cantonement twice weekly for bedding and other stores. A few gurkha's were good drivers but others were rubbish. Had THREE accidents on the return journey one day, reams of reports to write out. Happy days.