Mick Ramsay

During my time in 74, Jan 60 - Apr 60 one of my jobs was to assist in training Gurkha's to drive. No great problem 30mph out in the country and 50 in KL!! 50 Regt consisted of 67, 68 ,69 and 70 Cadre Sqns plus RHQ. This was one BIG Regt. The Sungei Besei base was huge as it included Gurkha families and their school. We had on average 3 guards a week Park guard or stand by guard(20 + )?
74s park was about 2 mile from my basha and long walk to pick up my RL when on Pads. Up at 5 walk to park drive out to Petaling Jaya
pick up pads return to camp for 0630. Cocoa and toast, start work at 0700 back to camp for breakfast at 0930 -1000? cease works 1400 NAFFI 1405!! That is just a thumb nail,what an experience.Then moved to 410 Plant say no more!!