3 troop 4 field Nienburg 1964-7

Hoping to contact anyone serving with 4 field during 64 -67
Corp Carl Dixon (Dixie)



I remember TEGreen we went AWOL together to Hamburgh what a divvy I was. There was Paddy Shaw PaddyHanlon punchy Geordie Aurther.
Another mate of mine Geordy Turner a good lad could swear a bit. Another mate Stoney faire haired youth we both did some courting in Struer in Denmark we had another name for it he was a good mucked. There was Peter Riley Bill Price ,and I think a youth we called Elvis from Burnley and a Bob Preston who liked to smash up Sqn Hillman Huskys.I remember a cpl saving me from Geordy Aurther who wanted to kill me..There was Taff Davies he sorted Geordy Aurther out I liked Taff wonder why. I was in 3 troop top floor.naturaly and they called me Russ and a few more names

Yep 3 troop top floor, I rose to the dizzy height of full screw and MT NCO. Taff Davies `lived` at the opposite end of the corridor, I roomed with Geordie Vesey (could be spelt wrong)cant remember the other guys, I think we were four or six to a room, not sure.
Yorkie Ancliffe who also made it to full screw, Earnie Stenninger, Micky White a brummie I travelled from brum on the train to our initial training at Cove, Tug Wilson, Chalkie Wite (the only black face in the troop and maybe in the whole Sqn), two scotsmen I recall, Bob Preston, Jock Wilson. The name Cargil comes to mind. the most memorable guy to me was Tony Sear who succeeded in going down with his 432 crossing the weser! Our MT boss was Captain Grocott, Staff Sergeant was the infamous `Black Jack` Vowels, our Rupert was a second lure with a double barrelled name I cant quiet remember. I was generally known as Dick or Dixy.

I joined 3trp Aug 66. I remember Ernie Steninger Dave Page ,Bob Preston,Bob Gregg,Paddy Hull,Ginge Gaze.Also Malcolm Crawford 2trp.Blackjack Vowles was our S/Sgt.Not the nicest of men.Anyone else out there remember this. My name is Johnny Waite .