Aden 64=65

Hello to any Ex Sappers from 6 Fld Park Sqdn 64-65.
This was my first Sqdn after training. And has such has remained embedded in my memory. Full of characters. Piggy Wilson SSM, Bob Pettit MPF, Taff Evans Troop Sgt, Bob Haines, Geordie Christopher, Mick Curran, Barny Barnes, Ray Barnes, Jock Dempster, Eric Siddall, Yorky Wilson, Harry Bottomley, Dinger Bell all well remembered. Get in Touch.

Ginge Ravey



If my memory serves me well, weren't you in plant troop on the Coles crane,you've brought a few names back to me , but don't forget the Twinnies,Jock wilson(C.O.'s driver),Ray---- he had a stutter on M.T. ,Geordie Potter etc.
I often delve through the web , and I must say you're the first to go so far back.

I was in MT along with Jock Dempster and Tom Brewster. I used to drive a 10ton AEC Tipper, both at Tidworth and in Aden. The crane Driver was Drew Bell (DINGER) from Belfast. I was from Chesterfield and used to get the bus home most weekends.I was only in Plant Troop after I came back off my A3 Plant ops course at Waterbeach. And then I got posted to Aden again, then to 10 Airfields Sqn. At the end of my time I was a PSI at the TA in Bradford. And Troop Staffy at Bomb Disposal.

I did the full 22 and luckily ended up as a SSGT. Only God knows how. .

REgards Dave R

I joined 6 sqn in dec 1963 and had the privilege of stepping the "the pig,s best boots as he introduced me to the C.O.!But as it turned out he was the best SSM I ever came accross. I remember the names heres a few more, Chippy carpenter, alan (mitch) mitchell troop corporal, Paddy moore signals which is what I ended up doing 24/7 in Aden with tommy Murray (now deceased)I married his cousin in 1967 and we are still going strong!
KIETH Denby, Lofty Woodward Sam Bass, Eddie Wilson GUNGY!,2IC Jimmy the Wun, I met him in salisbury late 70,s early 80,s and he told he was still in touch with eddie and that both their wives had terminal cancer! I also remember taffy (redvers) fairfax,geordie sturrock no doubt that should stir a few more grey cells into action, will try to dig up a few more.
I came out after 7 years and became a for almost 25 years! Still living in tidworth, I bought the cottage next to the Ram,and still enjoying life to full.

REgards to all who may remember me. Jock Mike Reid.

I arrived at Tidworth after training in 1963 did the petrol and sports stores with percy Pope who got demobbed to join the cops,other people i met were Pete Caples(offices)Ben Scuddermore(driver)Plug Salisbury(driver)Lofty walker(ocs driver)Dave Atkinson(driver)Big Jacko(office)Mick Smart(driver)Nick Hoare Brummey Evans(rations)whistling Alf ? that time it seems to have been a place for a second posting most of them were ready for demobe, i and brummy were the young ones,i met up with brummy again in the far east years later,I recall the Tidworth cup final between 6fld sqn and HQ re,HQ got beat 4to2 after extra time,it was like wembley in army terms the gate was bigger than Stockports,I knew a lot of 6 flds footballers who were,mick curran,eddie wilson,geordie cristopher,dinger bell,harry bottomley and the ringer Boar goalkeeper?Geordie sturrock.Tidworth was the only place in the country that i have ever seen that if you ordered a black and tan the guinness would mix with the beer, i try swilling it around but would it mix no,quite remarkable. 1964 spend time in Aden when the Red wolves,were performing we were the first one into air conditioning billets at Singapore lines it was like the Rizts compered with the tents we had when we arrive,we work from 7am til 1pm every day,the camp was 5 mins from the naffi and outdoor swimming pool,which was hammered every chance we got,i can still picture the scotch highlanders force marching past the naffi while we were relaxing on pints of vodka and lime,it was only 6p apint,boy were they sweating,i met Nervous charlie out there he had a habit of rubbing his face,just like having a wash but every couple of mins,i ask him what was up,he told me that one night he was in the open picture house in raf camp,enjoying the film when some-one threw a granade over the wall which bounce of his leg,he dived away and never got a touch,others were not so lucky,had a few good drinks with charlie he looked a lot older than his years,hope he got over it.The officers we were with did a few recce,s up the radfan planning new camps and landing fields we spent some time with 6fld at there base way up in the hills after our aircon billets what shithole them lads had to put up with,full of camel spiders,flies and mosies,i was glad to get back,i think the officers were to,we hammered steamer points naffi on our return,and before i knew it i was back in Tidworth,some visit before we left were Creter(mad Mich,sHaunt)and the turkisk fort which was full of tunnel that went nowhere,they were used as ammo stores and other things.I left Tidworth in 1965 for the far east,59 sqn.

You forgot me Tom Davison lol