Mario Delpinto

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mario Delpinto Cpl 2 Tp 8 Sqn from around 1973 - 1974 When Bernie Sprague was the Tp SSgt and Norman Jones was the SSM



Mario was my Troop Corporal (Lance Corporal) back in 1974 ish. I first arrived from Cove Training Camp to Tidworth before we relocated to Perham Down. I can see all the faces of our Troop, but cannot at this moment put names to them. I remember our Troop as follows:-
Dario Troop Corporal, 2IC Taff Evans, Sappers Steve Brown, myself Robert Jones a Scouser, an Irishman and a Geordie who later went on to join 9 (Para) Squadron. We were so called Strike Reserve at the time and awaiting some eruption in some exciting part of the World, but only ended up in South Armagh on Search duties where I often had the privilege of crawling down some Culvert to clear away to a huge milk-churn bomb for some ATO to take all the glory. If you do a Google search on Mario, you will find that there is ONLY ONE listed and that it is still in Liverpool where I remember he used to go on leave. He must be 60+ now. I later moved on to FIRST Field Squadron in Niemburg which was full of the Corps Rugby Team and later transferred to the Intelligence Corps where I was the first Int NCO to server in the British Embassy in the Soviet Union. Small world is it not and my Sapper Training has never let me down.

Sorry, got carried away with my own recollections. I'm not sure about Bernie Sprague, but I do remember Norman Jones as SSM. I was only a 19 year old Sprog, but a good shot with the 9mm Browning and only got beaten by Norman in the Squadron shooting contest. Norman always was a fair guy but always looked like he had eaten all the pies. Wink.