Where is 8 Fd Sqn now?

I served with 8 Fd Sqn way back in the early 80's we went of to the Falklands, built Lookout Camp, refurbished the water pumping station in Moody Brook, laid the water pipe from Moody Brook to Navy Point, put the roof back on Port Stanley police Station, lived on the remains of the Sir Tristram LSL, then went off to NI for another tour (Bessbrook), etc. We also went off to Canada to clear up the ranges and climbed frozen water falls in Bamf National Park. Skitz Phil Coombs was our S/Sgt (Pig stick in foot Phil during Sgts mess games session whilst completely pissed) Sgt Bob Connolly was our troop Sgt, a right loony who went off with me to Cyprus for a couple of weeks doing bat sims for the Grenadier guards and getting into all sorts of mischief. John Dinsdale was our Cpl, his mate dropped a tree on his own chain saw and near wrecked his forestry commission van when the tree narrowly missed it.

I don't see 8 Sqn anywhere on Google, and on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Engineers#Regiments its not even listed under 22 Engr Regiment who were in Perham Down. Anyone know where 8 Sqn went to, I guess disbanded.



they are 8 armoured sqn now, i think at 36 eng regt.

hi, andy what troop were you in, i was hq, pti 81-84

Can't remember mate, sorry. Mad as a hatter Phil Coombs was our troop Sgt though. We did another tour in NI as well while i was there.

Hi Andy, when you and Bob Connolly went off to Cyprus you forgot to mention the other 2 guys you went with, myself and Pete Archer who spent 4 weeks on the beach doing 'safety boat' duties! And it was with the 1st Battalion Coldstream guards not the Grens. I enjoyed browsing the many pics you've put up, brought back many memories, I hope you're well. 'Max' B

Max, nice to hear from you! Sorry I missed your post. Yes, thats a fact, it was a long time ago now. I recall having a right laugh on the water ski's and giving myself a 2 pint enema after falling off them. The padre was not impressed when I unloaded on the beach like a blue whale. Bob and I also went off to Ayia Napa for a few days two, managed to crash the mini-moke. Where are you now and what are you up to? I'm in Kenya with family working with Oil and Gas, been here for nearly 4 years. Contact me by searching Andrew C Britten on LinkedIn. Do you have any photos from Cyprus? I've no idea what happened to Bob or Pete. I left the army in 1991 and went freelance EOD to Brunei, Laos, Egypt, Yemen and Kuwait, had some great times. Would be nice to hear from you again. All the best Andy