Finding old friends

I have been trying for many a day now to find old service pals, all without success. I have scrolled through mountains of pictures and names and its as though they did not exist.

I have been thinking about writing to REMRO in Glasgow for their assistance but I have been told that they will not give out details due to Data Protection.

I am trying, in particular to find 2 old chums. Malcolm Priestley was a Clerk RE and I served with him in 3 Div Engrs (Tidworth) & 23/25 Engr Regt (Osnabruck) & a short time at 40 AESR (Willich). I believe he came from Nottingham. The other one served with me in Singapore, 54 (FARELF) Spt Sqn RE and he was called John Adamson and I believe he came from Annan in Scotland.

Your assistance in this matter would be very welcome.

Yours Faithfully.

Howard Tomlinson (ex Cpl Clerk RE)