Ferret 00DD24

I am hunting for pictures of the military vehicle I restored. A Daimler Ferret 00DD24. It spent it's time with the Royal Engineers in Germany. 2 Armoured Engineer Squadron Iserlohn from Nov1970-76 and 12 Field Squadron Roberts Bks Osnabruck from sept 1976-92 when it was struck off. It would be great to find someone who remembers the Ferret, it's role, call sign etc and opposable even get a copy of a picture of it. Thanks for taking the time and reading this. Regards ross



Hi Ross!

What a coincidence. I have a colour photo of this vehicle!
I served with 3 Troop. 12 (Nova Scotia) Field Squadron in Osnabrück from Dec. 1976 until Nov. 1979.
I drove a Mk 1/2 Ferret, 00EA81, callsign 13L. Our 3 Troop Reconnaissance Mk 2/3 Ferret was 00CC60, with the callsign 13R.
00DD24 was the Recce Ferret of HQ Troop depicted by the rhombus/diamond ensign, as on the photo i have here. The centre of each ensign depicts the Nova Scotia Lion. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Nova_Scotia.svg
I am not sure about its callsign. Maybe OB (zero bravo).
If you wish, i will send you the photo. Send me your address via email to:
The cage (mounted over engine hatches) you are talking about was not standard issue. Not all Ferrets had one. I did and it was worth gold on exercise.
If you ever find out what happened to 00EA81 please let me know.

The Ferret is the best piece of equipment ever made. Love it.



I sent Ross (originator of this thread) a couple of photos of Ferret 00DD24 which I took at Vogalsang Range in 1983. I have now posted these on this site. I think it was then in Support Troop and was my mount as Support Troop Commander. This day on the range was the only time I got to fire the .30 Browning machine gun mounted in the Ferret.