Sqn Title


17 Sqn title was actually 17 RSME Transport Sqn, initially staffed by a mixture of RCT, WRAC & civilians with a few sappers. it then had a change around and the RCT troop moved out and a full sapper troop came in mixing with the WRAC and civis, closed down when Chattenden closed



Hi Rob,

Thanks for the message.  All squadrons on here are just referred to as XX sqn, because many of them over the past 70 years have changed designations many times.  For instance, if 17 Sqn had been RSME Transport, then a Field Squadron, then a Field Support Squadron, the site would end up with 3 different 17 Sqns.  That would be fine, but if someone was based in 17 Sqn when it changed from RSME to Field, they may only list themselves under Field.  Then someone who knew them in the Field Squadron searches for them in the Field Squadron and doesn't find them, they assume the person is not on this site and never make contact.

I've put your message on the front page for this squadron though so that people know it is deliberate.  Regards, Gordon.