Buckingham Palace Duties

Does anyone have any photos of us carrying out duties at Buck House, St James Palace, Tower of London ? I cannot find any correspondence or photos



I was on the Tower of London. Bomber

I was also on the Tower duties Bomber. If I recall it was all the tallest lads selected for Buck House and St James's. Us drag arses finished up at the Tower. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, even the brush drill we had to do before with the Guards Sgt s on the parade ground at Maidstone before hand. I was fortunate enough to carry out the Ceremony of the keys a few times as well.I too wish I had one of the photos taken of me by the tourists. There must have been hundreds. Anyone remember boiling up out NBC glove inners to wear as white gloves to go along side our White belts, rifle slings and Bayonet frogs? All the best to anyone that remembers me. Col Saunders.