212 field sqn

Just joined site I served at RAF Wattisham with 212 fd sqn we carried out runway repair on old part of base using large roll matting to cover bomb holes after we had filled them in.
This unit had men from all over uk but I only lived 2 miles from base,cannot find much out about this unit


I was sqms and we had an american unit visit if you need to know more please email me

Were you there between Jan 88 and Jan 90? If so do you have photos?

I joined 212 at the beach in 2005 the fist camp was a joint camp at Honnington with218 sqn. I left just after the transfer to Brize . I have a sqn picture when we hosted the yanks
Aka cpl Burgess

Budgie, thanks for the response and sorry I've only just returned to the site and seen your email. The move to Brize was, alas, after my time. I've just retired as RSM of one of the Regiments currently at Wattisham and was a little nostalgic for any memories of the old days. By a strange twist of fate I spent many years of regular service in Hangar 1 (now hangar 2). I enjoyed a fantastic bridging camp at Rheinsehlen in the summer of 1989 and was shocked to see that all traces of the place had gone. I am really keen to speak to anyone who attended that camp and for any photos if any remain! Please email rmdrake70@gmail.com with info. Many thanks, Rob.