212 Sqn ADR

I served with 212 Sqn at RAF Wattisham from Jan 1988 until Jan 1990. Had a summer camp at Wattisham and to Germany the following year. Fantastic memories with a cracking bunch of blokes. Left TA to join Regular Army and by a strange twist of fate have been based at Wattisham since 1996 where I am now the RSM of one of the Regiments. Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers those heady days.


Hi Everyone just found this site and would like to say I served with 212 Fld Sqn at RAF WATTISHAM between May 1987 & Nov 1992.Fond memories of 30 plus blokes all lined up to use 2 hand basins in the hanger washroom before parade. Had a fantastic time with the unit and all ways look back with pride. Absolute cracking bunch of mates and officers.Does anyone remember the bridge building weekend at Weymouth chisel beach and the OC got thrown in the sea.I have still got my unit sweat shirt with the unit logo on supplied by Cpl Andy Anderson 30 years later.To all my old unit mates take care and look after your selfs.
Derek Boreham.