24 Fd Sqn RE REunion 2014

Gents of 24 Fd Sqn RE, I will be holding the next REunion for serving and ex members of the Sqn, in 2014, the last one being 2011, and 2008 before that, please give me a shout if you are interested in attending.

Skin (Scott) Carr



i would like to attend the next one

Hi Mate

Dunno if your on Facebook, but there is a 24 Fd Sqn RE REunion page you can join too. If not I will be updating progress on the REunion through this page too.

Cheers Skin

Skin, I would be interested in attending


If your on Facebook you could join the 24 Fd Sqn RE Reunion group to keep updated, or I will be updating on here also.

Cheers Skin

hi hooch here i will be at the do next year i used to play for the all conquering rugby team i went back to see the old place but found only rubble a few years ago how sad ,

got you on the Facebook group mate, will be good to see you there.


Skin where and when is it
John Griffiths

I joined 24 at Kitchener Bks in 1968 and was there for about 4 years. Names I remember are John Rapley and Ginge Campbell.
I am new on here so this might not be the right search engine but bear with me please.
Jim Ferguson

I notice that the last post on here was 2013, does that mean that this is now defunct.