25 Sqn Reunions

Hi to all you Ex sappers out there.My name is Monty Fry and I am in touch with quite a few members from 25, mainly 2 Troop, from 70/71 era to 75. If there is anyone from 25 from around that time, and interested in a get together, we have one every year, just drop me a line at m.fry3@ntlworld.com and I will get in touch.

The people I am in touch with :- Ian Smyth, Lew Wilcock, Pete Canning
Vic Good,Scouse Revel, Geoff Holroyd, Titch and Mick Rieley, Geordies
Knott's and Murdoch,Bill Martin, Paddy Snowdon, John Gwatkin, Jim Thompson, Toy Fountain, Tiny Milton,Trevor Hall,Roy Rogers, Brian Haige,