Where are you all

Hi ..... Fellow Sappers
I was in 2 troop 25 Field Squadron, Paderborn, Allanbrook Barracks from 1965 until 1969, with a short break in UNFICYP for six months in 1968. I was one of SSM “Tug Wilson’s” boys. I hope there are some of my old mates read this, please contact, I now live in Pencoed, Bridgend County Borough, South Wales. Telephone 01656 861317
I’m only in contact with two old mates from that era and would like to be in touch with more of them.
APC Vehicle call sign 23, under Cpl “Wink Wood”

Best wishes ..Taffy Hayes



Think I remember you I was in 2 tp from 64.Troop commander was Lt Bradbeer and Ssgt Alf Cook.I was in 2 section with Cpl georde Thompson before we got the apc,s.

Hi... Ray
I'm sorry, I just picked up this message, pleas.e contact me on email jackhayes@btinternet.com
Best wishes.... Taff

Hi Taff, Just joined this site and trawling through it saw your post. I was in 2 troop in 1966 and remember SSM Tug Wilson and also our troop commander Lt Bradbeer and SSgt Alf Cook, Cpl Geordie Thompson and Ray Pepper who also answered your post. Wasn't Cpl Woods nickname Winkle? I remember he was shit hot at table football in the NAAFI. I wasn't in his section or Geordie Thompsons section and I can't for the life of me remember my Cpl's name. I do remember he was a paddy and was married to a german lass. Any way get back to me if you remember me on roger_smart@yahoo.com



Hi Roger
I'm Sorry as I have only just picked up your mail as well as Ray Pepper.
Please contact me on email.... jackhayes@btinternet.com

Best wishes.... Taff