From Barry Whitlock

Yes, 33 Field was my first posting after training in July 1967. In December that year remember being asked if I fancied spending the New Year in the sun, so off to sunny Libya to spend 5months with a spear head battalion looking after the electrical equipment for a maintenace and tank refueling depot in the middle of nowhere (Af Tahimi).
Back to Longmoor for six months and then the 2nd half of the squadron was of to the sunny Caribbean for 6 months. Worked as one of the camp electricians and also worked on the new jetty in Road Bay.
Squadron was sent to Northern Ireland twice.First in 1970, cant remember wheere we were based. And again in 1971, to build Long Kesh internment camp.
Happy days......

Barry Whitlock



We know each other I think. Was one of your mates called Dave and another Gavin? You must know matt blowers and tiny hammond and paddy ferris john melmouth willie beaton .I was one of the surveyors on the jetty. The others were jim brand, dinger bell and pete ashworth.

Yes I do remember you. Tiny H, Paddy F, Dinger B. Shared a tent with Mick Pascoe. Hope you are keeping well.