john joyce

Hi the story about 33 Sqn is nearly correct, in 1973 they were sent to Castle Dilon N.I under the command of Maj Benham-Crosswell and the most loved and respected SSM Bobby Lampard who later got a deserved commision !. It was after this 4 month Tour that 33 became independant in Antrim under Maj Eric Barker also a man who deserves alot of respect. My regards to anyone who can still remember me.



I remember Johnny Jones,diver extra-ordinare,what laughs we all used to have along with Kenny Ross. Chris Schutke, and Brian Bonney, especially on the odd Sunday (out on lough Neagh) in John dorey.Then back to the bar for drinks, only to meet the likes of Joe Geary and Magic Wand. (thats not his real name.I agree about the SSM he was a great bloke,and fair. Anyone else remember 33 and the Girdwood Park antics? Love to hear them.

Good hearing from you Pete , Magic (Graham Wand)got released from the Corps
in Hameln in 1977 went to New Zealand returned with an Ulster born wife and moved over to N. Ireland. I was contacted by another ex 33 lad Stuart (Wink)Watson who told me that Magic was nearly on his way to the "Bridge Inn"in the sky and I was lucky enough to visit him 4 months before he left us. Thats roughly 3 years ago now.

Anyone remember being involved with this out of Castledillon? I remember camping in a room with several others in green maggots as a young sapper having been seconded from 33 field troop as a driver to haul 10ton tippers from Dillon to Crossmaglen (XMG) for the massive construction of the SF base there! The whole route was plastered with infantry and Ops. We hauled thousands of tonnes of materials over a week long period. Anyone remember the dead badger marking one of the route turns. I think this op was on record at that time for the largest military logistics exercise for many years.

I also remember the "Bridge Inn" squadron bar and hot greasy egg banjos in the little Chogi Indian shop on camp run by Razwali Khan the best egg flipper this side of the Nagasaki scorch mark. The Indian tailor was also a bit of a lad who every Sunday "entertained" not one but two girls from Antrim for the better part of the afternoon. The hollering used to drown out the football.

I also recall that L/Cpl Biffo Weeks wife used to sing in the sergeants mess sometimes and that Brian would get an invite to watch. We all had some great times in 33.

are you talking about John and Joan de Benham Crosswell? the only story i heard of them is this dailymail one which i used when doing a grammar check on my paper on robbery.

I remember those times very well. I was with 3 Troop (we all moved over from 10 Sqdn at Longmoor). Castle Dillon was a great tour. Very happy memories of that. I was with the advance party when we went to Antrim Bridge Camp to set up. Another great posting. Girdwood Park was a regular stop in Belfast. I miss the times and the blokes.Bob Lampard was a great guy. Couldn't have asked for a fairer man.