why is 33 sqn not listed in longmoor-served in Hq troop in early 70s at langley line longmoor and did 2 tours in NI with them befor they went to ni permenantly.



We1troop33fld Sqn came back from Cyprus with the Sqn to long moor for rapid response duty I remember Geordie smith drinking man.tinker cobold a good painter I remember Peter Bunyan who has passed over now.they called me russ and a few more.jobs we did when I was there,built roads in the Cairngorms I was ration storeman then first time ever.We also built a crash circuit at RAF Valley in Angelsey Got posted to Berlin Spandau barrack I remember my mate Kenny Mc Cleod from the Isle of Lewis good friend.

Left Cyprus in 1967 from 33 Sqn to Longmoor Camp, was up in Cairngorms on Op MACC to build secondary road up to the Ski Lifts in 1968. Remember Tinker Cobbold from JLR RE in 60`s (Bit of a Bohemian ! !). Am in contact with 2 others from same locations (Ginge Sutcliffe & Baz Meeks)...should know more as worked in office....but memory for names and faces fading !!

Were you at Spandau barracks when the first APCs arrived from Osnabruck. I was the Cpl who brought them there and helped with the training.