like to see old budies from the 3.T.R.R.E and a good freind terry chalton that served with me at hawley lake the year was 1960 so if any member served in that year give me a shout my email address is sappertam257@btinternet.com



very good site to get in touch with old comrades

Hello people, I have good memories of 3TRRE, I was in 318 party Sept 1952, went to different places, was always rather rambunctious, amazing that in less than 3 years I would be back as a Sergeant, I was a training Cpl when Sgt Reg Howson, barked at me "Cpl, come with me", I marched alongside him without a word, we turned into the Sgt's Mess he said "have you been here before" I said "just to get the orderly sgt" "take off your hat and belt and come in here" in here was all the mess members, the RSM was Jim 'Mo' Lambert MM, he stuck part 2 orders under my nose and said " can you read, well read this to me", I read "22716247 Cpl Willmott R is promoted to Sergeant" he said "you are improperly dressed no Sgt's stripes, that will cost you drinks for every body", I was Junior Drill Pig, Shirley and I were married the same year, and stayed there until I shipped off to Christmas Island in 1957, lots of good friends there, being the only other ex para in the regiment I was a favourite of Mo Lambert, who jumped into Norway in the war. Good times, Yours Aye Roy

For a while I worked in RHQ, COl Biggs CO, Maj Curtis 2ic capt Hackford Adjudent , RQM Chief Clerk Gavagan and RSM Lambert. Part of that time I was RSM's clerk before being promoted and moving to B Sqn as Chief Clerk under Major Collins then subsequently Major DUFF Cooper. I can't remember the QM at B Sqn. I remember happy times at 3 TRRE and some very nice colleagues. Regrettably I have lost touch with all of them over the years and would be pleased to hear from them.