Terry Dapp

I spent ten days at 9TRRE Morval Barracks before being transferred to No. 3 TRRE Guillemont Barracks, Cove, It was a camp consisting of wooden spiders eight in number plus Square, Naafi, Cookhouse,Officers Mess etc built about 1939 for 36 Officers, 50 WOs/Sgts and 1000 ORs
From roughly 1947 - 1960 it's was used for training National Service OR1s (potential RE officers and NCOs')It ceased being 3TRRE in 1961 and became mainly MT training from 1968



Actually called up to attend Morval 10 August 1950, missed from previous comment

It was 3 TRRE in 1971 JLRE & Apprentices finished their Trg there along with 56 MT Trg Sqn

Cove was 1TRRE in 1965,I did my training there.