Roy Willmott

Hello people, I was SSM 42 Sqn in 1967, in Hameln, they were a pretty rough bunch, but excelled at every thing when it was needed, OC was Mjr John McLaughlin, good boss, I hope he got a regiment he deserved it, he scrounged a brand new Land Rover for me in place of that incredibly evil White Armoured Scout Car, aptly called the "Pig", he also scrounged all the materials to build a pub in the attic of the barrack block, great success. In the field I was usually able to get us a barn to stay in, our cook was Cpl Frame, we bought, traded or "borrowed" all kinds of good grub, bacon, eggs, chicken and spuds, they took my Land Rover to "borrow" a few sacks of spuds sitting in a field and bogged down all 4 wheels, some fun, everybody helped with the cooking, they were surprised at my kitchen skills, I did not tell anybody that I spent a lot of time on 'tin bash' during my training, no field grub for this bunch, we had some 'not issue' cooking devices, Frame could do wonders with Spam or Bully Beef, we were told we were to get a helicopter visit, we thought it would be a Scout, but this bloody great Westland thing landed with lots of brass and red tape aboard, they had come for brekkie, back in barracks the politzei were often getting reports about squaddies committing suicide by jumping off the roof, they were just abseiling for the fun of it, thanks guys for giving me a good run, I did not realize what a great honour it could be to be SSM, being a WO11 is a good rank, but being SSM is special. Gordon's site is incredible, thanks. Now in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Best wishes, Roy