43 Field Support Squadron

Any of you lads served in Osnabruck, with 43 Field Support Squadron.
I served with Workshops - Mt and Plant.



I was there 74-78. Resources troop (Workshops) & MT

hey big ron do you remember the wine tasting trip to the mosel valley ?

Do I? A long weekend of outward bound training as I recall. We took a rope and a canoe to qualify for transport......

I was there from 1964-1968 workshop troop..Roberts Barracks.

...Robert b.1977, and Robin b.1978 and wife Mandy.(Osnabruck)..fun years, and could wish them back!

I was in Hameln 62/63 firstly in Workshop troop as a Blacksmith then passed my driving test and went on to the MT until posted to Singapore June '63.There was 29 Sqdn and the Warwickshire regiment there also.

I was in 43 in Antrim 96 - 2000, but based out of Long Kesh (the Maze)in Resources Troop driving the Huge yellow forklift truck loading BOF, Nimbus & the CCO's along with Didi Hughes, cockney Gearing & Ben Churchill.

Hiya I was in 12 Sqn Plant troop from 1980 to 1984
Roberts Barracks
Oh what good memories
Achmer training ground
The dreaded run up the 3 (?) sisters
happy days
Well not the running part of it!!!!!!

I was in 12 sqn in 66, we then was posted accros the square to 43 sqn as 25 field support troop

Was the draughtsman in the design office 82-83. Worked on the RAF Gatow project, was on parade when we re-rolled from a Fd Sp Sqn to a Plant Sqn .... and commanded a section of clerks and planties on an MGB 30m Over-bridge speed build on the Regimental Open Day when we wiped the floor with the Oggies from the other Sqn's!!