Where is the team from 73 -76 Mossy in goal [played with him at Dover in 66 Mac Mackena Shep Jonesy [speed merchant on the wing ] Jock Cassidy Jock Kay [the sensible one ] Chalky White [ i cant remember the others age thing ]
Joe Hindle [s/sgt ] the coach. And the boy himself Mr Asker also of Dover played for the corp probably the best player i have played with.In the 12 years i was in probably the best time of my career. In the sqdn itself Paddy Connoly Taff Mazzie Bob Best Bill Holdsworth Brian Dixon Davey Higgs [saw him on the telly in the 90s] Neal Nesbitt [ iron lug ] Tim Stapelford Paddy Falconer Robbo The Reid brothers Mac Mclean from Alnwick. Would be nice to hear from any of the genuine and nice guys if they are still around.
Thanks Tommy Wallace
[ Geordie ]



We had a great team Geordie do you remember mick starkie,Geordie porthouse Charlie Botteral Jimmy bushnel and Toni Rawlings. Were you the darts player. I left army in 76 played in burton on Trent for a year then tore knee ligaments,finished at 26 never kicked a ball since

Do you live in Newcastle Geordie I’ve lived in South Shields since 1989 l married a sandancer haha.

Hi Jimmy
Good to hear from you. I remember all of them but Charlie does not ring any bells. There was also a Kipper Whyte. I remember playing with you in Dover in 66/67 C sqn .Old Park Juniors and then the Reggy team itself with Kieth Moss in goal. I played a lot of darts in Hameln as well. Taff Mazzie also lives up here as well in Cramlington but lost touch with him years ago. He was playing professional darts. Still see Geordie Nesbitt from plant troop worked with him for years at Newcastle railway station on the taxis. I retired in April and just play golf 4 to 5 times a week now. My little legs are killin me. My daughter lives in Shields near the Britt pub.She is also football daft goes and watches S Shields all the time. She is nearly a macam

Forgot to mention Jimmy i live in Washington

Hi Geordie good to hear from an old mate, my son and grandson also watch shields.l retired from truck driving may 2017 don’t miss that game. I go swimming twice a week can’t do a lot of walking my twat of a knee plays up.went to a reunion in Chatham some years ago met quite a few lads still keep in touch,postcards Christmas cards etc.angus Maclean lives in sheldon came to my house few years ago. He’s on Facebook as l am it’s good for finding old friends we’ll have to meet-up have a pint of Heineken. Cheers

Good to here from you again Jimmy.
We will have to meet up and have good chat about the old days we will have to make it in the new year when the christmas rush is over.I looked at your profile page and noticed you still have your hair [lucky man]. Your face is a bit thinner than i remember but then again its been over 42 years since we last saw each other.Always thought you were in c sqn at Dover but the mind plays tricks. Take care mate.

That would be great Geordie,I have a little hair more than my son!.ldo have a photo of you,think it’s at a fair in Hameln I’ll try find it.

Hi Geordie just seen your photo think I would have passed you in the street ha haha,i found the photo of you and me and some others from Hameln. Will have to sort out a meet here’s my number 07971775917.