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In July 1961 having completed my Class 1 Electrical Engineering course at Chatham in Kent I was posted to 50 Field Squadron in Osnabruck Germany as a section NCO in a field troop. Having been trained as a top rate Electrical Engineer I was obviously not very happy with the Army's decision and that is what moved me into the radio communication field.
After completing my class three signaller RE in Osnabruck I returned to the UK in 1962 for further training and completed my Class 2 Signaller RE and in 1964 my Class 1 and RSI Courses (Regimental and Signals Instructor) at Chatham. I returned the Sqn. in Germany having been promoted to Sergeant and appointed as the Squadron Signals NCO.

The Squadron was then posted to Aden for a 12 month unaccompanied tour. We reformed as 50 Independent Fd Sqn RE at Shorncliff before flying out on the test runs in the newly acquired RAF Comet aircraft. During our time in Aden we were re-rolled yet again as a Brigade Fd, Sqn which kept the SQMS (Black Taff) on his toes. In the end he got a BEM out of it. At the end of the Tour we were posted to Maidstone in Kent where I remained for a few months before being posted to 2 Armoured Engineer Squadron in Germany. I served 5 years with the Sqn.