55 Field Squadron Korea Spring 1952 to Summer 1953

I am an ex boy (Taunton and Harrogate) served in 55 Field Squadron and would like to contact any of my old comrades eithr in Korea or from boys service. My name is Terry Hawton nick named Chick. I list some of the names of those I would dearly like to contact.I am now in my 81st. year so many of my old pals may no longer be with us. I woould recommend the book Fight Dig and Live by General Sir George Cooper MC. who commanded 1Troop during my time in Korea. I contributed anecdotes to him for inclusion in the publication and I have been listed as a contributer. "Who and where are you?

Terry Cann
Patrick Leidwidge
Alan Beeson
Ginger Wing
Or any other members of 47b
Terry Hawton