56 Fld Sqn RE

56 Fld Sqn RE at Tai Lam Camp in the New Territories in Hong Kong from 1956 thro '58.



24 Fld Engr Regt which consisted of 15 Fld Pk Sqn, 54 Fld Sqn,56 Fld Sqn and HQ 24 Fld Engr Regt. Based in the New Territories in Hong Kong. Are their are any lads out their from the period 1956 to late 1959?. Get in touch I would like to have a chin wag again. I have several hundred photos that might jog your memories, most of them are of 56 Fld Sqn. Also I have photos of 'B' Troop who went up to Korea and were attatched to the 1st Btn of the Rolyal Sussex Regiment in Gloucester Valley. I have one photo of the memorial put on the Gloucester memorial sight by the Sx, 24 Fld and the ROK Army.

Hi my father was stationed in Hong Kong at this time and was in 24 field regt and he went to Korea he joined in 1954 came out in 1958 his name was Alan nobby Clarke sadly he died about two months ago l have some photos of his time in Hong Kong and Korea

Hi Jon,
My thoughts are with your family and you in the sad loss of your father. He will always be remembered as 'Sapper'.
I cannot remember if I have replied to your note, possibly not. I was with 56 Field Squadron at Tail Lam moving to HQ and then into 54 Independent Field Squadron. My service was from early 1956 until late 1959. Which unit was your dad in?. Was he with the RE's in the Tsun Wan riots in 1956 or the building of the dam up in 'No Mans Land' on the Hong Kong China Border?. When did he go up to Korea?. Was he with 'B' Troop 56 Fld Sqn who went up to Korea?.
I also have lots of photos of my time in 56 and in Hong Kong at that time. You say he went up to Korea. I have some photos also that were taken on the Tank Landing ship that we went up to Korea in, it's name was Frederick Clover.
Perhaps if everything fits we could swap photos?.
If anything clicks drop me an Email. I will repeat my Email, it is


24 Field Engineer Regiment sailerd from Hong Kong in May 1958 bound for blighty and to be disbanded. 54 Independant Field Squadron was left in Tai Lam camp.