Royal Engineers in Hong Kong


I am interested in finding any Sappers who were stationed in Hong Kong with 24 Field Engineer Regiment or any of its Squadrons. Squadrons of the regiment were. HQ Squadron, 56 Field Squadron, 54 Field Squadron and 15 Field Park Squadron. We were stationed at Tai Lam in the New Territories. 24 Field Engineer Regiment, being renamed 25 Squadron!. returned to the UK on the troop ship Oxfordshire in May 1958 leaving 54 Independant Field Squadron of which I believe a lot of Sappers on here belonged to.
Be pleased if you can get in touch and chin wag about the times in Hong Kong.

Sapper Bill



Hi Bill, apart from yourself, these are the people who show up as Hong Kong in the same years as you.  Try clicking on Find Members at the top of the page and you'll be able to find these people easily.  Click on their First Name to send them an email.



First Name Surname Nick name Squadron City Start year End year Local REA
Stan Cooper   54 Squadron Hong Kong 1956 1958  
Michael Gardner Digger 54 Squadron Hong Kong 1956 1959 Woolwich Branch
Graham MacDonald   54 Squadron Hong Kong 1959 1961  
George Walton Mick 54 Squadron Hong Kong 1956 1959 Brighton Branch

I was a driver at Tai Lam 1959-60. On one of the websites there are photos of lads who were there at the same time as me but I can't put names to them. There is one titled Tai Lam which looks like it was taken on the hillside overlooking the camp with 3 lads in the photo. I think one of them was A welsh lad called Horace Weigh(?),who was a driver at the same time. I also recognise, but can't name the 4 lads standing by the side of the road along with some Bailey Bridge girders.The others on the hillside may be Ernie Bamford(Bamforth?)and Ted Hickman, but not sure of them.

My name is Tommy Macaloney .I served in 54 camp from 1957 -1958 in "A" troupe
sailed back to Blighty on the Navasa in June 1958.I played football for the Regimental team and the British Army team in Hong Kong.See my Profile at Forces Reunited with some interesting photos.My user name on the site is John Thomas Macaloney.